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I have been drawing on the corners of pieces of paper since I can remember. I always created doodles and drew random things on every test or homework assignment I would get- my teachers just knew to expect it. I had the same art teacher for the last 3 years of high school (I took Photography the first year) and she knew how to let me have my freedom in art. While every other kid had to draw off of a prompt I was allowed free range with all the different art supplies and always made it out with 100%. I really appreciated that from my art teacher, since growing up I never liked art classes because the teachers were always putting rules on what I could do, and tried to change what I was making constantly. It wasn’t until my years in high school that I knew all I wanted to do was art, whatever that meant. I knew I wouldn’t be able to live a normal life where I pick a random job and just work for money, I wanted to do something I felt like I was born to do. I started to draw on my friends shoes for money then out of the blue other kids from my school would find me and want to buy a pair too. It made me feel really good about myself for a little bit, but it did get a little stressful at times, since it was just me and so many people wanted shoes. I also knew that on Halloween I could go around and people would pay me to do their makeup, not that I was looking for money for me, just something small to buy more supplies when I was out. In fact I would paint something new everyday in art and give it away to someone at the end of the day who asked for it; my family would get upset that I didn’t charge them anything, but I never cared. Just the thought that someone wanted my art to be hung up in their room was a cool enough idea for me.   


Out of high school I worked in retail and didn’t get a chance to work on my art as much as I wanted to, I would rather rest and catch up with friends on my days off rather than work on any art. Then after a few years of working in retail I was given an opportunity to make my own online store and sell my stuff to people around the world. It is awesome being able to make something new then get it shipped to me and see how everything turns out. It still gives me a warm feeling inside when I see someone wearing my merch or giving the things I make compliments. I am happy that I get to this and I hope I get to do it for the rest of my life so that one day I can help other artists achieve their dreams.             

I’m thankful for the people who have encouraged me to keep working on my art and the people who support me through everything. I love this as my job and love going to art shows to see how people like my stuff, I also enjoy seeing what other people can create because art brings people closer together. Thanks for reading just a little bit about me and all these photos are featured on my art Instagram account:  and also be sure to check out my website where we try to add new items as much as possible!
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Dog with a Blog

Being a photographer means a lot of pretty cool things. It means being able to travel to new places and experience new things at every shoot. Photography has always been something I have been interested in.                

                                                    I have loved capturing moments ever since I can remember. Being a photographer allows me to do that whenever I want, I have always been a person who keeps a camera on hand at all times. What used to be annoying to my friends has now become something they are proud of me for; and some have actually had me be in charge of shoots they need. I was lucky enough to get to know some local bands in my state and started taking photos of bands playing in local bars.

    Then I started to really like it and started to do it more and more. It feels nice to see other people love and use my photos and get excited to see me there capturing the moments forever. I love working with my friends the most, (thought it doesn’t take long for me to become friends with people) since those photos have a little bit of a stronger meaning to me. My favorite thing to shoot is the times that are random and unexpected, which is another reason why I love to shoot bands when they are up on stage. They are unpredictable and it’s up to me to catch them at the right times and it makes the photos really come to life and gives more a vibe of who these people are in the photos.


                A pretty cool perk about being a photographer is being able to take my own photos for my merch on because I get to pick my friends out and have them be my models for all of my stuff (they enjoy it too because they get free stuff and bragging rights). I definitely feel more pressure working on other peoples photoshoots than when I get to work on my own and things that are just for fun. I just always want to make sure people are getting exactly what they want out of the session. I wouldn’t call myself a full professional yet but I am definitely working on it every chance I can. What used to be a hobby that brought me a lot of joy now is a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Always go out and chase the things you want and keep working on it (even if you are bothering your friends by using your camera 24/7), if I had stopped when I felt like nothing would come from it then I wouldn’t be doing this today.

All of these photos were taken by me and are also feautred on my Instagram page:  I post something new everyday! Come check it out and say hi!


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Are Adult Coloring Books Still A Thing?

Are Adult Coloring Books Still A Thing?

YES, Coloring definitely is therapeutic and will help to reduce anxiety and create focus . That will never go out of style. It is Art Therapy. Its fun and relaxing. Hannah Left Wright has created an adult coloring book that is unique and very detailed to keep you busy and stress free.

“There’s a self-soothing meditative benefit because you are doing the same motion over and over, especially with symmetrical drawings,” says Lina Assad Cates, a psychotherapist and board-certified art therapist in the District who uses coloring books as part of her practice. “The books help create boundaries — the literal boundaries of the lines and the metaphorical boundaries for drawing healthy boundaries in relationships. There’s also the potential benefit of just mastering something you’ve created.” According to the Washington Post.

I think that Adult Coloring IS still and will always be a thing. Here is the link to coloring book, you need to check out and its ONLY $6.99 with free shipping!

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