Are Adult Coloring Books Still A Thing?

YES, Coloring definitely is therapeutic and will help to reduce anxiety and create focus . That will never go out of style. It is Art Therapy. Its fun and relaxing. Hannah Left Wright has created an adult coloring book that is unique and very detailed to keep you busy and stress free.

“There’s a self-soothing meditative benefit because you are doing the same motion over and over, especially with symmetrical drawings,” says Lina Assad Cates, a psychotherapist and board-certified art therapist in the District who uses coloring books as part of her practice. “The books help create boundaries — the literal boundaries of the lines and the metaphorical boundaries for drawing healthy boundaries in relationships. There’s also the potential benefit of just mastering something you’ve created.” According to the Washington Post.

I think that Adult Coloring IS still and will always be a thing. Here is the link to coloring book, you need to check out and its ONLY $6.99 with free shipping!