About Us

Here is a little bit of background about Artist Hannah Left Wright...

My name is Hannah Wright, I am a self taught artist from Arizona. I have been drawing, taking pictures and writing since I was young, art has always been my passion. I try to dabble in all types of art but my favorite would have to be watercolors and markers. I mostly stick to loud drawings (stuff that sticks out) but I also enjoy creating soft lovely pieces. My personality is definitely stuck inside of my work and I hope people can find a bit of themselves in it too.

I want to be able to make people happy through my art, though I do enjoy creating things more dark and mysterious. Though many of my drawings are bright and colorful, many of them are eerie past all of the colors. I also love making people laugh, so sometimes I like to make beautiful works of art and then add something crude or odd to it; it always starts a conversation. Irony and sarcasm are my two favorite things, so anytime I can create something along those lines makes me truly happy.

Growing up, through Middle School and High School I always drew on everything and gave everyone who wanted some of my art something right on the spot. Only a few times did I ever get payment for it, but I wasn’t always looking for money, just smiles. I’ve been told time and time again to sell my art, so here I am, trying that out. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl and I am thrilled that I am able to put out all of my stuff in hopes to make people smile and to captivate people with my art.